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We are glad you have found us.  Over the years we have ridden many bikes starting with cut off jeans and t-shirts.  Sure wish I had my first racing bike - a Schwinn 8 speed.  With just one shifting cable to the back for the four gears and a lever on the down tube to switch the plates.   Well as you all know times have changed.  We have gotten older and now have nicer bikes and are now purchasing riding clothes!  

We most of my original bike friends ended up it the tech business like me.  Then one day we found a tech jersey (remember Word Perfect?).  We wanted more but we could not find them.  Well this quest started us in business.  

We hope you will take a look around, then buy something!  

Also send us information on any items that you know of and think others would like to have.  Late we will get a geek history of jerseys page going so send in you photos.

We use PayPal to accept payments on this website.

We now have items in stock, take a look under the item photo and if it shows a size then all you have to do is press the Add To Cart button and you are on your way.  If we do not have the item in you size we can get it to you in under three weeks.  

FOR A SIZE NOT AVAILABLE NOW SELECT YOU ITEM AND USE THE ITEM NUMBER THEN SELECT YOUR SIZE.  NEXT SEND US AN EMAIL WITH THIS INFORMATION.  WE CAN THEN INVOICE YOU VIA PayPal OR C2it.  Once the payment is received you order will be on it way.  If an item is not in stock you will be notified of the estimated arrival date.  For all items please add $6.00 for shipping.  All items will be shipped Priority Mail.

Sox - shipping will be $2.00 and will be shipped via the USPS.

Since we have so few items and they are so hard to come by - all sales are final!

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Top Reasons to purchase from us:

Save Time - we found them and have them
Save Money - we are lower priced then bidding on the big boards
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